Family Medallion

The Family Wedding–Today, more than 1 in 4 marriages involve children. Many couples come together with children of their own or from previous relationships. The Family Medallion® was created to assist with the need for ‘family weddings.’ Studies show that children accept a parent’s re-marriage more readily when they are included in the wedding plans and are given a tangible symbol of being embraced by the new family. The Family Medallion® provides this message of love, acceptance, and affirmation. Many couples choose to present the Family Medallion® during the wedding ceremony itself.

Each order includes a copy of ‘Celebrating the New Family,’ a booklet for using the Family Medallion® during the wedding service. The Family Medallion® consists of three intertwining circles within a larger circle. Two of the circles symbolize the union of the man and woman in marriage, while the third circle represents the joining of children to the union. All three intertwining circles are contained inside a larger circle, signifying the new family which is being created that day. Each medallion is crafted with the finest metals including Pewter, Sterling Silver or 14K Gold, using the ‘lost wax’ method of casting.

The Family Medallion® symbol is available as a:

Pendant Key Chain
Lapel Pin / Tie Tack Charm Bracelet / Charm
Ring Watch
Family Unity Candle Remembrance Candle
Certificate CD


Since the Family Medallion® is a symbol which honors the bonds of love, it may also be presented on other occasions such as births, baptisms, the blessing of a child, birthdays, anniversaries, religious holidays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and leaving home for college or military service. The Family Medallion’s® expanding circles signify love’s willingness to include others. As you wear it or share it with others, may your love for one another continue to grow in ever-widening circles.