Book Review

Rev. Anthony Sutherland
“As a singles pastor of a large church in Chicago, I have the opportunity to perform many weddings each year. I have almost every book on weddings and wedding ceremonies and was looking for something fresh and new. This book is just that. I appreciate the fact that the material is contemporary and current. I have received such positive comments since I started using the materials and suggestions in this book. Honestly, this is the best wedding book I have seen in 16 years of ministry. Every minister should have it in his library. Thank you so much for such a great resource!”

The Dallas Morning News Review of Books
“Mr. Younkin, A Dallas Theological Seminary graduate is ‘Minister Marty the Marryin’ Man.’ His craft-your-own wedding ceremony guide will be instantly understandable. Readers can choose from nine whole ceremonies, traditional to family inclusive. Modify these from his selections of prayers, readings, vows, and special touches such as the unity candle or sand ceremony. Worksheets help pull it all together into a dignified occasion without the expense and million-option headaches of industrial-strength wedding planning.”

Aloha Waggoner, Executive Director
Association of Certified Wedding Consultants
“Marty Younkin’s wedding book on how to design your own wedding ceremony is very complete and user friendly. I have not seen another book on the market that gives the bride and groom a chance to create their own wedding ceremony in such detail and with such ease as his book does. I recommend this book not only to brides, but also to wedding consultants and wedding officiants. A must have book for anyone in the wedding industry.”

A Grateful Bride in Texas
“While I was engaged, I spent a lot of money on wedding books I thought would help me write the perfect unique ceremony for my wedding. I wish this was the first one I had bought, because there was no need to buy any other. This book contained things I hadn’t even thought about for the ceremony, like designing a program or the order of the service. It had a variety of ceremonies, readings, vows and blessings, both religious and non-religious to choose from. Plus the worksheets and diagrams helped me to organize my rehearsal and ceremony without the need of a wedding coordinator. I did it myself! Talk about a stress reliever and money saver! The best thing about this book is that it is so organized and user friendly. There’s not too much, not too little, it’s just right! This is going to be a definite ‘engagement gift’ I will purchase for all future bridal couples I know! I couldn’t have done it without this invaluable wedding book!”