House Blessing

House Blessing–Most cultures have some sort of tradition for “warming” or blessing a new home. Today, many people will have a “house warming” which is a perfect time to include a house blessing. The presiding minister will say a prayer for the home, its spaces, its contents and its inhabitants. Many times he will go through the house, offering blessings over each room, praying for such things as peace, safety, warmth, laughter, prosperity, health, and happiness; but most of all, he prays that the home will be filled with love. In addition, songs may be sung, poems or readings may be shared, candles may be lit and toasts offered to the new inhabitants and their new dwelling place to ensure a home filled with life, laughter and love.

A LoveNotes Minister will come to your house and offer blessings for you and your new home as he walks through it room by room with you.

Complete House Blessing Agreement here.

Bless this house O Lord, we pray,
Keep it safe by night and day.