Funeral / Memorial Service

Funeral / Memorial Service–The difference between a funeral and a memorial service is the fact that the body of the deceased is present at a funeral but not always at a memorial service. Both funerals and memorials should not just recognize that a life has ended, but they should honor and celebrate the life that was lived and will continue to live on in the hearts of many, thus the term “life celebration.” The family of the deceased should be given the opportunity to gather and recall those things that mattered to them about their loved one’s life. Those special memories are the things that should be included at the life celebration service.

Oftentimes, the minister will open it up for sharing from the guests. These comments may either be serious or humorous, both of which are needed at such a time. Elements like photos, videos, favorite memorabilia, special songs or poems/readings all may be included to capture the memories of the life being celebrated.

LoveNotes Ministers will help you create a beautiful life celebration service for your loved one, whether it is religious or spiritual in nature or not. Remember, this service is not only to honor the deceased but to also help the survivors deal with their loss. LoveNotes Ministers will be sensitive to your feelings and your wishes as you plan this service together.

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The measure of a person’s life is not measured by its duration,
but by its donation.