Baby Naming

Baby Naming–A baby naming ceremony is a special way of celebrating the birth of a child, welcoming him/her into the family and introducing the child to your extended family and friends. The emphasis of this ceremony is on the meaning of the child’s name. The parents may share how and why they chose this particular name for their son/daughter. Sometimes a poem using the letters of the child’s first name is read or the ancient meanings of the child’s first, middle and last names are printed on a card and read at the ceremony. Even a song with the child’s name may be played or sung. This ceremony is also suited to celebrate older children, such as step children entering a new blended family or welcoming an adoptive child into your family. Names help to give us our identity and to shape our lives. So it is important to give a child a name they can be proud of and one they will strive to live up to.

LoveNotes Ministers will create a meaningful naming ceremony for you and your child, regardless of age, at the location of your choice.

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A good name is more desired than silver or gold.
Proverbs 22:1