Chris Sutton’s Love Notes

Pastor Chris did a beautiful job officiating our wedding ceremony! He helped us select a ceremony that was fitting to our personalities and represented our love story. He made our day so very special. He is very warm, personable, encouraging, organized, professional, easy to communicate with, and lots of fun! We were so blessed to find someone who made our day delightful and we will always cherish the joyful memory. I highly recommend Pastor Chris. He will make your day very special!

Emily Francis

Dr. Sutton did an incredible job officiating our wedding. He made the service flow seamlessly and made it enjoyable for us. I knew that the ceremony was in good hands and was able to trust him implicitly with all of the details. It was such a special day that I will never forget, and I am so glad he was a part of it. I highly recommend him to anyone for their big day.

A. Davenport

Pastor Chris did an amazing job with our wedding. Every detail was thought of in advance, including a foolproof method for transferring the rings! His encouragement that we attend premarital counseling was a blessing in disguise.

Aaron and Lauren Carpenter

As anyone planning a wedding knows, the task of coordinating all the vendors and preparing the service can be overwhelming. What I appreciated most about Pastor Chris is how he took the ceremony off my plate. His years of experience really came into play. He is extremely professional and showed an ability to think on his feet when things didn’t go exactly as planned. I will recommend Pastor Chris to anyone I know who is getting married. He truly was such a huge factor in making our day so special!

Audra Torres

Just incredible—Pastor Chris Sutton was everything we could have ever wanted in an officiant. He was extremely professional, knew exactly what he was doing, and made the whole thing run smoothly. He helped us pick our vows and such, gave us direction during the ceremony (in a way that was simple to understand for our anxiety-ridden minds), and stayed afterwards for a private blessing. In short, he was everything we needed, and he gave us a sense of ease and comfort that you just don’t find every day. If I could give him 20 stars, I would! If you’re getting married, snap Pastor Chris Sutton up before it’s too late!!

Mikela Fritz Fout

From the moment we met him we knew he was the one to marry us. Not only was he extremely professional, he also exuded this feeling of comfort, love and safety. He was funny (without being over the top), gracious, well spoken, kind and gave us this feeling of calm and poise that we needed on the big day. He helped us figure out what we wanted said during our ceremony from his immensely helpful “playbook,” as we had no clue where to start. Pastor Chris rocks! He knew exactly what to do and, more importantly, he knew how to show US what to do when we fumbled. He was awesome! I highly recommend Pastor Chris Sutton!

A very happy bride

Pastor Chris Sutton presided over our wedding and did a magnificent job. He added just the right amount of levity to make it enjoyable for everyone. He accommodated our busy schedules and helped us build the perfect ceremony. LoveNotes is a gracious and passionate company who took a ton of stress out of our big day with their relaxed and communicative staff.


We couldn’t have asked for anyone better than Chris Sutton. He really made our ceremony perfect. Any time we had questions he was quick to respond and made sure everything was just as we wanted. He arrived on time to both our rehearsal and ceremony. He made things run smoothly and our guests absolutely loved him! I would definitely recommend him to everyone!


Pastor Chris not only assisted us in organizing the details of our wedding ceremony, but he also gave us guidance as an engaged and soon to be married couple. He makes it a point to get to know you personally, which enables him to personalize your ceremony better. We were honored to have him marry us and will always remember him as a huge part in making our day so memorable.

Wedding Wire Bride

We booked Pastor Chris Sutton with LoveNotes and he was so great! To me, the ceremony was the most important part of the wedding. We got to choose the format for our entire ceremony (and for a type A personality like me, it was  such a relief!) Of the whole wedding, we got the most compliments on how perfect the ceremony was. Guests thought Pastor Chris had known us a long time because he was so personal and professional. He was very patient with everyone who didn’t know what they were doing. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

A Happy Wedding Wire Bride

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