Rev. Marty Younkin

Rev. Marty Younkin, Executive Director of LoveNotes~DFW Clergy Services, is nationally recognized as ‘Pastor to America’s Brides.’ Locally, he is affectionately known as ‘Minister Marty, the Marryin’ Man.’ For more than 40 years, Rev. Marty has tied the knot for thousands of couples from all walks of life–sports personalities, celebrities, talk show hosts, a Middle Eastern princess, national and international, famous and unknown, white collar and blue collar, city folk and country folk alike. Marty recognizes that 2 people just fell in love and want to get married, so he gives all his couples the same care, attention, and respect they deserve as they prepare for the most important day in their lives. His best selling book, A Wedding Ceremony to Remember ~ Perfect Words for the Perfect Wedding, has helped couples personalize and design the wedding ceremony of their dreams and is used by Ministers and Officiants all across America.

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Brides choose Wedding Officiants for different reasons. When one bride recently posted, ‘Which Officiant will give me the best wedding photos?’, 30 photographers responded, ‘Hands down–Marty Younkin!’

Everybody loves Marty! Why? Because he has dedicated his life to making happy memories for couples in love. He genuinely cares for each couple as though they were his family. As one mother of the bride wrote, ‘He was like an old family friend in our midst.’ Marty is just a simple preacher who loves what he does – tying the knot for people who fall in love. Marty says, ‘My job is to tie a good knot; their job is to keep it tied – good and tight!’

There’s a reason Marty Younkin has received the ‘Favorite Minister’ award for the past 6 years from the American Association of Certified Wedding Planners. They know he will take the utmost care with their brides as well as their vendors. And because of his vast experience, they trust him completely with every detail of the ceremony. They are confident he will always give the bride a wedding ceremony to remember. That’s why he’s the ‘go to guy’ when it comes to wedding officiants in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Rev. Marty Younkin and the LoveNotes Associates are dedicated to making your ‘happily ever after’ chapter come true with these 3 little words… ‘As you wish!’

To make your wishes come true, call LoveNotes at (817) 917-5540! Talk with Minister Marty or one of his ‘Marryin’ Men’ about your special day.

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