Marty Younkin

Affectionately known as ‘Minister Marty, the Marryin’ Man’, Rev. Marty Younkin is President and Executive Director of LoveNotes – DFW Clergy Services. After graduation from Dallas Theological Seminary, Marty became a pastor in a large non-denominational church in the Dallas area. He loved being the Singles Pastor but eventually worked himself out of a job by marrying off most of the singles in his class. It was then that he discovered the joy of bringing two people together in marriage for a lifetime.

‘I love Love,’ says Marty. ‘I have the best job in the world!’ So for more than 45 years, he has continued to ‘tie the knot’ for literally thousands of couples. Marty’s love for ‘love, marriage and weddings’ was the inspiration behind his best selling wedding book, ‘A Wedding Ceremony To Remember-Perfect Words for the Perfect Wedding,’ a ceremony planner to help couples design their own unique wedding ceremony from entrance to exit.

Brides choose Wedding Officiants for different reasons. When one bride recently posted, “Which Officiant will give me the best wedding photos?”, 30 photographers responded, “Hands down–Marty Younkin!”

Everybody loves Marty and that’s why he has received the ‘Favorite Minister’ award for the past 5 years from the American Association of Certified Wedding Planners. They know he will take care of his brides as well as he does his vendors.

Rev. Marty Younkin and the staff at LoveNotes are dedicated to making your ‘happily ever after’ chapter come true with these 3 little words… ‘As you wish!’

To make your wishes come true, call LoveNotes at (817) 917-5540. Talk to Minister Marty or one of his Marryin’ Men about your special day.

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