About Lou Whitworth


• In my “past life,” I was an Eagle Scout, a certified Red Cross Water Safety Instructor, a Lifeguard, and a LT (…) in the US Navy.

• I was a C+ student in high school, but later got a Master’s degree in English Lit and Theology…who’d a thunk it!

• My first car was a 1953 Mercury 4 door sedan. Sweet! I also owned a 1964 Mustang convertible. Double sweet!

• I love bass-fishing and fly-fishing, but sitting with a pole in my hand—not so much.

• I could still do a handstand-flip-dive at 51 years old; and my best bench press for 3 reps was 290 lbs—ahhhhh, those were the days!

• My pet peeve is when people take up two parking spaces.

• I think Saltgrass Steak House is the best restaurant in Dallas.

• My favorite quote—“Eighty percent of success is showing up.”

• Best advice I was given—Begin with the end in mind.

• Some of my favorite memories are summers as a kid running in the woods, building tree houses, digging fox holes, shooting my BB gun and playing baseball until dark.

• The most influential person in my life was my grandfather who taught me about life as we worked together around the house, walked in the woods, or went fishing.

• One of my favorite movies is It’s a Wonderful Life. It gives you great perspective on what’s really important in life. I also like High Noon with Gary Cooper as Sheriff Kane. It illustrates honor, courage, keeping your word and doing what’s right no matter the cost.

• The best days of my life—the day I married Barbara, my late, sweet wife of 42 years, and the births of our son and 2 daughters.