About Frank Deleo


• I am married to Dawn and have four grown sons—and yes, she feels outnumbered.

• My hero is my dad who is 96 years old and still going.

• I’m from New York so my team is the NY Yankees!

• Golfing, baseball and reading are 3 of my favorite recreational pastimes.

• I love to cook, work in the yard, and play guitar (not necessarily in that order).

• Pasta and Meatballs is my most favorite food in the whole world—did I mention I was

• Apples are my snack of choice—don’t judge, I eat junk food, too.

• If someone made me move to Kauai, Hawaii, I wouldn’t be too sad.

• I love both Christian worship music and 60’s and 70’s rock music. How’s that for

• 3 of my favorite movies: For Love of the Game, Top Gun, and The Passion of the
Christ (in all 3 movies, sacrifice was a theme).

• I love the fall. Have you ever spent “Autumn in New York?”

• The Bible is my favorite book because it’s God’s love letter to us.

• Best thing anyone has ever said to me: “You can’t change the things that happen to you—you can only change how they affect you.”