About Ed Gillies

  • Met my wife on Turkey Mountain in Arkansas and it’s been Thanksgiving Day for me ever since.
  • My two sons, their wives and four grandchildren are my joy.
  • Grew up in Houston, the son of a pastor/railroad man and a homemaker.
  • Led worship in over 4,000 worship services.
  • Played keyboards and sang in a variety of venues: cathedrals, arenas, cruise ships, prisons, bars, beaches and mountaintops, to name a few.
  • I brake for sunsets.
  • I love to go for a run first thing every morning, except Sunday.
  • My substitute teaching at the local high school keeps my thinking young and gives me a fresh perspective of the youth culture. (Plus, it provides a fresh, albeit captive audience for me to share my favorite life experiences and well-worn dad jokes!)
  • Worked in television for a decade, writing and producing hundreds of shows and commercials.
  • I’m a lifelong Houston Colt 45/Astros fan.
  • My favorite movie is the relatively obscure comedy, What About Bob?
  • My favorite quote – “Time and truth go hand in hand.”