About Dave Tucker


• I have been married to my high school sweetheart, Lucresia, for 25 years. We have two wonderful children that I am very proud of, Gennie and Geoff.

• My undergraduate degree was in radio broadcasting, I was replaced by a robot! I still do commercial voice-overs from time to time.

• I consider myself a weather enthusiast. I am a ham radio operator, KC5CPO. I used to chase storms for the National Weather Service until I actually caught one. Now I just watch from my front porch while drinking coffee.

• I am a photographer with over 30 years of photography experience. I remember a time when we had to wait for our pictures to come back before we knew if they were any good or not. Now, I just take pictures for my own pleasure.

• I love to fish even though I never catch anything. I just love being on the water!

• Instead of Friar Tuck, people call me Pastor Tuck from the Forest of Nottingham. Unlike Friar Tuck however, I have never been drunk nor worn a friar’s frock.

• I actually have a chapel in my home, Cross Timber Chapel. Many prayers have risen from that place. The space is also open for small elopements, small groups and classes. We also use the it for game and movie nights with family and friends.

• I’m named after my father. When I was young, everyone called me Davie to tell the two of us apart. When I became a teenager, I grew to hate that name. Now that I’m older, I sort of miss it.

• I’m a highly relational person. I love it when my couples find me on Facebook. Nothing brings me more joy than to see new babies on my newsfeed. I love celebrating successes with others as well as sharing a tear and a prayer when crisis hits.