About Chuck Sisneros


• I‘ve been married for 50 years to my sweetheart and soulmate. We have known each other since 1949. (We often joke that we met in the church nursery.)

• We have three adult children (1 daughter and 2 sons), 4 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren, all who are the light of my life.

• My greatest joy is having Christmas dinner when we are all together. I love being with the “familia.”

• I have been in the ministry for 45 years, both as a pastor and in administrative positions.

• I love the ministry. Now as a retired minister, officiating weddings and other important events allows me to continue my ministry by being a part of life’s important moments of those we serve at LoveNotes.

• I worked my way through college—didn’t know about grants and loans and didn’t think to apply for scholarships. As a result, I learned to appreciate my education because I worked so hard to get it.

• I got my work ethic from my dad who was a truck driver. He never missed a day of work and nothing was too difficult for him. He always did his best and taught me to do the same, regardless of the task.

• I think I was born in the wrong era; I should have been born during the era of the Wild West because I like performing weddings where I get to wear my jeans and cowboy boots! (I can even ride a horse.)

• One of my yearly highlights is going to the State Fair with family, especially the Auto Show with my grandson. We share a love of cars and it’s always a contest to see who gets in the driver’s seat first.

• Now that I have retired, I finally learned to cook. I judge the success of a meal by my great grandkids’ reaction. When I get a “mmm, mmm, mmm,” or that my mashed potatoes are “rockin’ n’ rollin,’” that’s the only review I need!