About Chris Sutton



• I have been married for 41 years with four adult children and four grandchildren.

• I love music and enjoy playing the acoustic guitar and electric bass.

• Two things I really like—motorcycles and golf courses.

• My wife and I like to travel to the NW Florida beaches, but my favorite vacation spot is Colorado to snow ski, one of my favorite memories.

• I love the Muppet movies because they make me laugh.

• Tex Mex and B-B-Q are on my all-time favorites menu.

• I believe that love is more than an emotion. It is an act of the will that results in action.

• Laughter with a long-time friend can get me through a hard day.

• One thing I’m very passionate about is encouraging young couples and trying to set an example for them.

• My favorite quote is from Abraham Lincoln—“Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

• The most influential person in my life is Billy Graham. I gave my life to Christ during one of his messages and it changed my life forever.

• The best advice I have ever been given—“Read the Bible.”