About Al Taylor


• I married the love of my life, Sherry, when I was 19 (my parents had to sign for me because I wasn’t of legal age)—45 years and counting…and they said it wouldn’t last.

• I served in pastoral positions in churches throughout Texas. I was President and Founder of Mission Southeast, a crisis ministry in SE Dallas that provided food, clothing, and household goods to those in need.

• I was a professional clown for many years, called “Bow-tie the Clown” (before it was creepy to be a clown). I learned from the greatest clown of all, Red Skelton, that the difference between a clown and a comedian is that “a comedian does funny things but a clown does things funny!”

• In my early years I was mistaken for Kenny Rogers, Glen Campbell, and George Goble (what a combination!), but nowadays, people think I’m Colonel Sanders.

• My favorite dish is my wife’s Southern Fried Chicken—hmmm…maybe that’s why I look like Col. Sanders—too much chicken!

• Sherry and I loved to ride roller coasters in our younger days. We’d ride just about anything as long as they didn’t turn her upside down—then her screams were deafening!

• One of my favorite memories is as a small boy at the “Pretty Prairie Kansas Rodeo.” I was peering between people’s legs trying to see Gene Autry and his horse, Champ. He saw me and had me lifted over the fence and placed me on Champ sitting next to him (if we only had cell phones then!).

• I love to watch any old western starring Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, John Wayne, or Clint Eastwood. Scrooge with Albert Finney is my favorite movie because it is all about redemption and second chances.

• The man who had the greatest influence on my life was my father, with his genuine goodness, kindness, gentleness, and strong work ethic. I only hope to be even half the man he was.

• What gets me through the toughest of days is God’s presence in my life and His gift of my wife, Sherry, who has been a source of strength and encouragement to me. She made me weak in the knees when I met her, but when life made my knees buckle, she was there to give me the strength I did not have on my own.