Wedding Services

LoveNotes~DFW Clergy Services provides you with a variety of ceremonies and special touches to make your wedding ceremony unique, offered in our online ceremony planner. We also provide important information on obtaining the marriage license and changing your name. The LoveNotes Wedding Package spells out in detail all the services that are included with our fees.

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LoveNotes Wedding Package

Marriage License Info

Name Change Info

A Wedding Ceremony To Remember (Ceremony Planner)

Wedding Ceremonies

Traditions and Special Touches

LoveNotes Wedding Officiants perform the following types of ceremonies:

  • Traditional (religious)
  • Contemporary (semi-religious)
  • Civil (non-religious)
  • Short and Sweet (non-religious and brief)
  • Second Time Around (for those previously married)
  • All in the Family (includes children)
  • Interfaith (Jewish/Christian)
  • Bilingual (Spanish/English)
  • Multicultural (traditions, rituals from different cultures)
  • Interdenominational (traditions from different denominations)
  • Marriage Vow Renewal (recommitment ceremony)
  • Elopement/Private/Instant Ceremonies
  • Surprise Weddings
  • Beach/Water/Lake Weddings
  • Garden/Park/Backyard Weddings
  • Chapel/Church Weddings
  • Country Club/Resort/Ranch Weddings
  • Skype Weddings
  • Candle Ceremonies
  • Sand Ceremonies
  • Rose Ceremonies
  • Water Ceremonies
  • Hand Blessing Ceremonies
  • Wine Ceremonies
  • The Lord’s Supper/Holy Communion
  • Blessing Stone/Oathing Stone Ceremonies
  • Hand Fasting/Cord Ceremonies
  • Family Blending Ceremonies
  • Memorial Moments for Loved Ones
  • Time Capsule Ceremonies
  • Traditions and Rituals from all cultures

and more…

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