LoveNotes Fees–Since LoveNotes is a business and not funded through a church, we do have set fees for all our services. A deposit to LoveNotes is required with the balance going to the assigned Minister.

The average fee for a Wedding Minister/Officiant in the DFW Metroplex is $200-$600 (depending on the level of services chosen). We are in the middle at $250-$500. Our goal is to give you the best and most complete, customized service at a fair price.

Of all the costs of a wedding, the Officiant is one of the least expenses on the list. And yet, there are only 3 things needed to have a wedding–the couple, the license and the Minister/Officiant.

Remember that the Officiant sets the tone for the ceremony and the ceremony sets the tone for the rest of the celebration. The right Wedding Officiant is worth his weight in gold. So choose one who not only will make your wedding legal but who also will make it lovely–one who will set the stage for the wedding day festivities and get the celebration kicked off on the right foot.

Please note: LoveNotes fees are all inclusive. No additional fees for:

    • special ceremonies that include, but not limited to traditions, rituals and customs such as the unity candle, sand blending, rose presentation, handfasting, jumping the broom, family vows, blessing stones, wine ceremony or any other symbolic ceremony you wish to include in your wedding. Unlimited ceremony options—the sky’s the limit—no additional fee!
    • personalizing your ceremony according to your wishes–it’s your love story!
    • travel/mileage to weddings or rehearsals or consultations within the DFW metroplex, which includes Collin, Dallas, Denton, Rockwall and Tarrant counties. Trip fees apply only outside these DFW metro areas.
  • emails, phone calls, texts, consultations—Unlimited for your convenience.

Click the links below for detailed pricing and payment information.

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