Other Services

Marriage CoachingMarriage 101–Basic to the Basics, an online marriage coaching course
Musician–Pianist, Vocalist, Keyboardist for your ceremony, reception or other special event
Vow RenewalRecommitment ceremony with appropriate vows, readings and blessings for couples who are renewing their love and commitment (see Vow Renewal Certificate)
Quinceañera (Hispanic)–Sweet 15 ceremony for an hispanic girl representing the passage from childhood to womanhood (see Quinceañera Bracelet) (see Quinceañera Certificate)
BaptismA believer’s decision to show he/she is a follower of Christ through baptism (see Baptism Certificate)
ChristeningInfant baptism with pledges from parents and godparents to raise the child according to God’s will and God’s ways (see Baptism/Christening Certificate)
Baby Blessing/DedicationBlessing or dedication of a child to God by his parents promising to teach him God’s principles until he is old enough to make his own decision concerning his faith (see Blessing/Dedication Certificate)
Baby NamingWelcoming a new child into the family and community with emphasis on the meaning of the child’s name (see Baby Naming Certificate)
AdoptionCeremony welcoming a child of any age into his/her new family and community with commitment from parents, family and friends (see Adoption Certificate)
Funeral / Memorial / Life CelebrationService honoring the life of a loved one who has passed (see Remembrance/Memorial Candle)
House BlessingCeremony that blesses a home, its spaces, its contents and its inhabitants
Personal / Public BlessingsPersonal blessings/prayers for anyone for anything (illness, surgery, new job, relocating, mission trip, family/marital problems, worry/stress, etc.) and blessings/invocations provided for public events