Ministers’ Bios

LoveNotes is dedicated to making your ‘happily ever after’ chapter come true
with these three little words…  ‘As you wish!’

Marty Younkin Marty Younkin
Affectionately known as ‘Minister Marty, the Marryin’ Man,’ Rev. Marty Younkin is Executive Director of LoveNotes~DFW Clergy Services. After graduation from Dallas Theological Seminary, Marty became a singles pastor in a large non-denominational church in Dallas, but eventually married off most of the singles in his class. It was then he discovered the joy of uniting two people together in marriage. ‘I love Love,’ says Marty. ‘I have the best job in the world!’ So for more than 45 years, he has continued to ‘tie the knot’ for literally thousands of couples. Marty’s passion for love, marriage and weddings was the inspiration behind his best selling wedding book, ‘A Wedding Ceremony to Remember – Perfect Words for the Perfect Wedding,’ a ceremony planner to help couples design their own unique wedding ceremony from entrance to exit. Rev. Marty Younkin and the LoveNotes staff are dedicated to making your ‘happily ever after’ chapter come true with these three little words… ‘As you wish!’
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Carol Sage Carol Sage
Carol Sage, President and founder of LoveNotes, has been in the wedding business for more than 35 years. She was Minister of Music in a large Dallas church and is an accomplished pianist, keyboardist and vocalist who can provide music for your wedding or special event. As an ordained minister who speaks Spanish, she also performs Hispanic and bilingual ceremonies. Being a woman, she identifies with brides who want everything to be perfect because she is a perfectionist herself! Her attention to detail will give you the confidence that nothing will fall through the cracks for your wedding ceremony when she’s on the job. ‘Not on my watch!’ she says. ‘My job is to get you hitched without a hitch!’ Carol believes ‘Marriage is like a piano…what you get out of it depends on how you play it; and if you play it right, it will be sweet music to all who hear it.’
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Barron Bell
Barron Bell is a Texas boy through and through. He is a native of Dallas, TX, a graduate of Texas A&M (Gig ‘em Aggies!) and he completed graduate studies at Austin Presbyterian Seminary. Barron has spent 42 years providing ministerial services to people from all walks of life. His experience includes assisting couples in achieving their goals and dreams for their big day. He believes every bride and groom should be able to say ‘that’s exactly what I wanted’ at the end of their ceremony. He has learned it takes both creativity and sensitivity when working with couples, their families, and their vendors in order to give brides and grooms the wedding of their dreams and ‘keep the peace’ at the same time. Barron says, ‘The wedding lasts for a day, but relationships last forever…if people are considerate of one another. It’s important to keep that in perspective when planning a wedding.’
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Ken Byrd Ken Byrd
Ken Byrd, aka ‘the Byrdman,’ has been married for 49 years to…‘the lovely Byrdwoman.’ As a minister for more than 30 years, his favorite job has been working with student and young adult ministries. He also has a degree in communications from the University of Texas (Hook ‘em horns!) and has an extensive background in broadcasting. But of all the scripts he has been required to learn, he says there’s nothing quite like the joy of saying the words ‘I now pronounce you husband and wife.’ He enjoys it every single time! Ken received the 2016, 2017 and 2018 Favorite Minister award from the American Association of Certified Wedding Planners.
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Frank DeLeo
Frank DeLeo loves people! Good thing, too, because early in his career he was vice president of a major corporation with more than 1000 employees entrusted to his care. So developing good people skills was a necessity. He has been a mentor to many organizations and received the President of the United States award for community service. Since his calling into the ministry, he has served as pastor, missionary and Bible teacher. In addition, his skills as a motivational speaker and author will not only help you choose the perfect words for your ceremony but will also assure you that those words will be spoken with eloquence. Frank tells his couples, ‘When I share your love story during the wedding ceremony, it’s not because I have to say something–it’s because I have something very special to say.’
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Tim Demsky
LoveNotes has been a part of two major events in Tim’s life—his own wedding and his son’s baptism. That’s why he is honored to be part of the team and on the other side of the altar. He and his wife, Megan, have been happily married for 7 years. Their first years were spent in New York City where they lived the life of struggling actors trying to make it in the big city (he, in stand-up comedy and she, in musical theatre). They moved back home to DFW to settle down and raise their son. Though Tim now works on the real estate side of building cell towers, officiating weddings holds a soft spot in his heart (a real sucker for ‘Four Weddings and A Funeral’). Tim’s strong faith in God and in a family foundation, his ability to talk with anyone and make them feel welcome, and his cheerful, genuine smile will bring a warmth to your wedding that feels like an old family friend is in your midst.
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Randy Dicken Randy Dicken
Pastor Randy loves performing weddings! He creates a custom ceremony for the couple, eases the stress of the bride and groom, and ensures that the ceremony is everything they desire … and more! He loves this ministry because he gets to share with each bride and groom the beginning of their life together! Randy earned a Masters degree in Theology from Cathedral College in California. He has planted three churches, been a Police Chaplain, a Bible College Professor, and has written several books for collegiate academic use. Randy and his wife Mari, have four grown children and enjoy spoiling the five grandkids before sending them home with mom and dad!
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Thomas Green
Thomas Green believes that ‘the wedding ceremony is the gateway to a beautiful marriage.’ That’s why he loves marrying couples and to help set the tone for a life full of celebrations. His favorite part of the ceremony is the sharing of wedding vows, because ‘beautiful vows are the nourishment a marriage can feed on for years to come.’ He served as associate pastor in both family and singles ministries for ten years. Thomas has a heart for helping couples enrich their marriages, so he and his wife, Charlotte, teach the ‘Married for Life’ curriculum for husbands and wives. They both believe ‘the best part of marriage is the partnership and transparency gained through time spent together.’ Thomas’s encouraging and positive disposition, along with his personal care and undivided attention will make your journey to the altar one you will never forget.
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Chris Marx Chris Marx
After Chris Marx graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary, he served as Senior Pastor, Associate Pastor and Youth Minister for more than 15 years. One of his favorite pastoral responsibilities was conducting wedding ceremonies, making them special and unique to tell the love story of each bride and groom. Chris is known for his warm, easy going personality and his infectious smile. He has never met a stranger! While people say Chris looks like Richard Gere, he has yet to have a ‘Runaway Bride!’
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Larry Maughan Larry Maughan
Larry Maughan has used his background in education, career assistance, communication and broadcasting to encourage, counsel, and provide care to young professionals and older single adults. He holds a Masters degree from Southwestern Theological Seminary and has served in ministry for 35 years, including minister to single adults and the formerly married at a large Dallas church. Whether couples have a religious or secular background, Larry’s passion is ‘to help couples begin their life story and encourage those beginning again with a new chapter.’
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Buster Noah
Buster loves to hear, ‘That’s the best wedding I’ve ever been to!’ That’s when he knows the ceremony was performed exactly as the bride and groom wanted, because if they’re happy, it shows! He makes designing your ceremony so easy and fun that this is one part of your special day you won’t have to worry about. Buster and his wife, Janet, will soon be celebrating their silver anniversary and he believes one of the reasons they have enjoyed 25 wedded years is that they have never stopped having fun and laughing together. ‘Marriage is serious business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, in fact, I think it’s essential!’
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Tony Sanchelo Tony Sanchelo
Tony Sanchelo serves as a Chaplain to the Dallas business community. His love and care for people allow him to serve others in the marketplace of life. He is fluent in Spanish and has performed numerous bilingual ceremonies in his 30 years of cross-cultural ministry in both Catholic and Protestant settings. He says, ‘Uniting a couple in marriage is an experience that I cherish, and when I say those magic words, ‘husband and wife,’ I know that I have been witness to a miracle.’
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Ken Savage Ken Savage
Couples say Ken Savage has a calming, radio voice, probably due to his many years in radio and musical performance. Not only is he an ordained minister, but he is also an accomplished guitarist. He plays in the Dallas Praise Jazz Orchestra and has his own R&B band, ‘Ken Savage and the Best Kept Secret’ that performs throughout the DFW area. His creativity, flexibility and years of experience will help you have the wedding you have always dreamed of. Ken joined LoveNotes because he believes ‘Marriage, like music, can create beautiful harmonies to last a lifetime.’
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Marty Younkin Charles (Chuck) Sisneros
Charles (Chuck) Sisneros is an ordained, bilingual minister who has officiated hundreds of wedding celebrations for more than 30 years. He is flexible, fun and full of ideas to make your ceremony meaningful and memorable. Charles says, ‘My favorite part of the ceremony is when the Bride enters the room and the Groom sees her for the first time. That look of love is what makes it all worthwhile. Knowing that I had a part in bringing them together in marriage both thrills me and humbles me. There is no greater joy than seeing two souls united in marriage. Nothing is more powerful and spiritual than this union.’ When it comes to weddings, whether spanish or english, everyone agrees that Chuck is “muy bueno!”
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Chris Sutton
Pastor Chris Sutton is a home-grown Texas boy, graduating from Texas Tech and Southwestern Theological Seminary with a doctoral degree. In addition to serving as senior pastor, he was a volunteer chaplain for a motorcycle ministry which took him behind prison walls to minister to inmates. And if you listen close enough, you might hear Chris singing and playing his guitar (teaching guitar is how he put himself through college). When asked his prescription for a perfect marriage (since his marriage is going on 40 years), Chris said, ‘A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other. Never give up!’ Good advice from the doctor!
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Ashley Tamburin
Ashley Tamburin is one of the most down to earth people you will ever meet. Whether it’s getting down into the dirt literally as a landscape/irrigation designer, or dispensing practical down to earth wisdom on her youtube channel, she jumps into everything 150%. When it comes to planning a wedding ceremony, Rev. Ashley will help you “git ‘er done” and have fun doing it at the same time. Her passion for your wedding stems from a heart that is full of love. She will work alongside you with an energy that is bigger than life. Her genuine personality, sense of humor and quick wit is why she is a favorite in the industry. Ashley says, “I think weddings are the best when you can achieve a balance of celebrating love while having a lot of fun at the same time. Weddings are supposed to be happy…aren’t they?”
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Al Taylor
As a Pastor and Dallas Police Chaplain, Al Taylor has had the joy of officiating the celebration of love for many couples. For more than 40 years he has shared a great adventure with one special woman, his wife. Al says, ‘I have come to realize that a couple’s life story is written one day at a time. Life is not defined by only one major event. Each day’s journey is anchored by major milestones over a lifetime but is made complete by thousands of small events which make up who we are. Perhaps the greatest of these milestones is when love blossoms in the hearts of two people who want to spend a lifetime together. It is my joy to create a unique ceremony for this milestone that reflects each couple’s journey of love.’
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Lou Whitworth
Lou Whitworth was ordained to Christian service with a degree in Pastoral Ministries. He served as a pastor with Campus Crusade in both their military and singles ministries. He worked for 22 years as an editor / writer / speaker for a Dallas organization that explains the Christian faith in classrooms on campuses across the country. Pastor Lou joined LoveNotes because he enjoys interacting with couples and says, ‘They keep me young and make me smile!’ which is extremely important for someone who has a striking resemblance to the ‘jolly ol’ man in the red suit.’
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Joe Zinser
Joe Zinser has served for 15 years as senior pastor in both small rural as well as large inner-city churches. His outgoing, warm, non-judgmental personality makes you feel accepted and puts you immediately at ease. Joe will do everything possible to calm your fears, answer your questions and give you the ceremony of your dreams because it comes from the heart of someone who truly cares about you and your special day. You will never see Joe without a smile and a kind word. There’s a reason they call him ‘Smiley.’ In fact, there is a rumor that Joe was the model they used to make the ‘little yellow smiley face’ you see everywhere.
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