About Keith Long


• I love serving God in life and in ministry.

• I try to find the fun in most situations; laughing just feels better.

• I am a writer and will be publishing my first book this year. I also like to read.

• I love the water, especially the oceans, and plan on living on a sailboat in the Caribbean some day.

• I like to travel, and I look forward to visiting new and fun places now that my kids are grown.

• I love Texas, and much that goes with it, including the food, the music, and the attitude.

• I am a member of the Lewisville Rotary and was “Rotarian of the Year” in 2015.

• I’m an avid sports fan and enjoy golf and running.

• I love music—especially edgy Christian rock and worship music.

• My favorite quote is a lyric from a song by Relient K: “The beauty of grace is that it makes life not fair.” Applies well to marriages.

• I love people! I especially have a heart for people who have had a difficult past and I find great joy by helping them refuse to give up, to find redemption and to experience healing.