About Daniel Erickson


• I am Dad to six adult children (3 boys, 3 girls) and Granddad to six grandchildren—family homeschooled 26 years.

• My wife, Debbie, and I were hippies from the 60s. We had 3 weddings—one with a JP, one with our hippie friends (complete with purple cake, macrame plant hangers, a volleyball game and a baptism), and one with a minister where we actually exchanged rings at her family farm, where goats were tethered to a tree because one ate a lady’s hat. Very romantic!

• I have a lifelong love of music—singing, composing, record collecting, playing trumpet, piano, guitar, bass and more—can’t get enough.

• My vocational background is in teaching music, audio and video, computer industry
and ministry.

• I’m an entrepreneur with companies involving natural health and wellness products
and also in solar and renewable energy. I believe in alternatives!

• I love dogs, especially my 2 black labs—Ciara, the old gal and Gracie, the ball chaser.

• Growing up in Chicago, I faithfully waited my whole life for the Cubs to win the World Series—good things come to those who wait!

• I thought I was wrong once…but I was mistaken. (Laughter is great God-given

• One of my favorite quotes is “Love with your eyes open.”

• Helping people grow and develop is my passion and it gives me great joy to see them succeed.

• Beliefs that have motivated me—Decide where you want to go and then, start…If things don’t go exactly according to plan, don’t quit—improvise…Always believe and never, ever give up!